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UL      Underwriters Laboratory
A/C    Air Conditioning
AC      Alternating Current
A-E    Architect-Engineering
AISC    American Institute of Steel Construction
A/m    Amps per meter
ANSI    American National Standards Institute
ASTM    American Society for Testing and Materials
AWS    American Welding Society
BESEP    Base Electronic System Engineering Plan
C3    Command, Control and Communication
C4I    Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence
C-E    Communication-Electronic
CBRE    Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Explosive  (also CBRNE)
CBRNE    Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive
CE    Communications Electronics
COMSEC    Communication Security
CW    Continuous Wave
dB    Decibel
DC    Direct Current
DCA    Defense Communication Agency
DCS    Defense Communication System
DoD    Department of Defense
E1    The early-time HEMP environment
E2    The intermediate time HEMP environment
E3    The MHD-EMP late-time HEMP
EED    Electro-Explosive Devices
EFD    Engineering Field Division
EHV    Extremely High Voltage
EIC    Engineer in Charge
EM    Electromagnetic
EMC    Electromagnetic Compatibility
EMI    Electromagnetic Interference
EMP    Electromagnetic Pulse
EMSEC    Emission Security
ESA    Electronic Surge Arrester
FWHM    Full Width at Half Maximum Amplitude
GHz    Gigahertz
GIC    Geomagnetically-Induced Currents
GMD    Geomagnetic Disturbance
HAMS    Hardness Assurance, Maintenance, and Surveillance
HCA    Hardness Critical Assembly
HCI    Hardness Critical Item
HCP    Hardness Critical Process
HEMP    High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse
HERF    Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Fuel
HERO    Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance
HERP    Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Personnel
HF    High Frequency
HID    High intensity Discharge
HILF    High Impact, Low Frequency
HM    Hardness Maintenance
HM/HS    Hardness Maintenance/Hardness Surveillance
HOB    Height of Burst
HS    Hardness Surveillance
HVAC    Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning
HVDC    High Voltage Direct Current
IEEE    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IEMI    Intentional Electromagnetic Interference
IR    Infrared
kA    KiloAmp
kHz    Kilohertz
LED    Light Emitting Diode
mA    MilliAmp
MCP    Military Construction Program
MEE    Mission Essential Equipment
MF    Medium Frequency
MHD    Magnetohydrodynamic
MHz    Megahertz
MIG    Metal Inert Gas
MILCON    Military Construction
MOV    Metal Oxide Varistor
ms    Millisecond
NBC    Nuclear, Biological, Chemical
NAVFAC    Naval Facilities Engineering Command
NAVSEA    Naval Sea Systems Command
NEC    National Electrical Code (NEC)
NEMA    National Electrical Manufacturers Association
NFGS    Naval Facilities Engineering Command Guide Specification
NFPA    National Fire Protection Association
ns    Nanosecond
NSA    National Security Agency
OD    Outside Diameter
O&S    Operations and Support
PCI    Pulsed Current Injection
PEA    Penetration Entry Area
PLC    Programmable Logic Controller
PM    Project Manager
PMI    Preventive Maintenance and Inspection
POE    Point(s)  Of Entry
PP&B    Programming, Planning, and Budgeting
QA    Quality Assurance
QC    Quality Control
RADHAZ    Radiation Hazard
RF    Radio Frequency
RFI    Radio Frequency Interference
RMS    Root Mean Square
SCADA    Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition
SCR    Silicon Controlled Rectifier
SE    Shielding Effectiveness
SELDS    Shielded Enclosure Leak Detection System
SGEMP    System-Generated Electromagnetic Pulse
SPB    Special Protective Barrier
SPM    Special Protective Measure
SPV    Special Protective Volume
SREMP    Source-Region Electromagnetic Pulse
TEMPEST    Compromising Electromagnetic Emissions
TEMPS    Transportable EMP Simulator
TIG    Tungsten Inert Gas
TREE    Transient Radiation Effects on Electronics
UHF    Ultrahigh Frequency
UPS    Uninterruptible Power Supply
USACE    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
VA    Volt-Ampere
V/m    Volts per meter
VHF    Very High Frequency
VSWR    Voltage Standing Wave Ratio
WBC    Waveguide-Below Cutoff

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