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Electromagnetic Resiliency Consultants
416 West Woodlawn Ave • North Augusta, SC  29841
Telephone (540) 737-8173 

Electromagnetic Associates, LLC is an Electromagnetic Consultancy focused on EMP/HEMP/IEMI Resiliency.

We serve clients in industry, government, and NGO's with the objective of improving Electromagnetic Threat resiliency in the Civil Infrastructure Space.

We are experts in EMP Threat and Vulnerability assessment.  We are also experienced in designing interlocking mitigation strategies to solve problems in each of our technical domains.

Electromagnetic Resiliency is the incorporation of an integrated set of measures that increases the availability and recovery of systems in the aftermath of a natural or hostile electromagnetic event.

Military Systems are “Hardened” based on Military Specifications (MIL-STD-188-125-1).   Military Resiliency measures under Military Specifications assume critical, high-value systems, such as command and control facilities that must operate at full effectiveness after a hostile electromagnetic event.   

Civilian/Critical Infrastructure resiliency needs are based on a more complex availability model.   Civil Infrastructure resiliency is dependent upon availability models that are based on functional and financial constraints of particular systems.

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EMP, EMI, and EMF Consulting Engineers

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EMP, EMI, and EMF Consulting Engineers

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