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The Regulatory Environment has been slow to respond to the evolution of electromagnetic threats to electrical power generation and transmission assets.   However, this is gradually changing, and power generators and transmission line operators should be able to demonstrate their awareness to the potential vulnerabilities of their assets to electromagnetic threats.

Electric Utilities have selectively implemented Electromagnetic Threat resiliency measures.  Several larger utilities have created shielded Control Centers that should provide some increased resilience to electromagnetic threats.    

"What should we do?"

This is the biggest question facing utilities and transmission line operators today.  Electromagnetic Associates has a family of solutions to increase resiliency.   There is an increasing imperative for utilities to act.    Today, there are many regulatory initiatives that could lead to the possibility of "Adverse Regulation" that could have significant impact to the business model of power generators and grid operators.   Failure to respond to electromagnetic threats may not be an ongoing option.    

Request a briefing of the family of options that Electromagnetic Associates will bring to the table which may include:

Generation Assets

 The inclusion of protection measures to generation assets is largely a factor of prioritization of the criticality of the subsystems that make up a functioning generation asset.    It also may include critical processes, suppliers and vendors.  

The goals for Generation Asset resiliency include:

  1. Retention of Positive control of the asset (control of voltage, phase, and connection state) with respect to the grid before, during, and after an electromagnetic event
  2. Prevention of Asset damage before, during and after an electromagnetic event
  3. Retention of the ability to communicate with the rest of the grid/grid operators
  4. Preservation of a viable fuel source to continue operations as required
  5. Preservation of Black Start capability
  6. Ability to quickly and safely respond to unforeseen circumstances with skilled, trained personnel

Transmission Assets

 Protection of Transmission Assets from electromagnetic threats is also a factor of prioritization of criticality.   In some cases, the criticality can be driven by the type and importance of connected load.   However, there should be a plan for identifying and protecting critical transmission assets wherever they may be.

The goals for Transmission Asset resiliency include:

  1. Retention of protection functions in substations before, during, and after an electromagnetic event.
  2. Retention of communication functions in substations before, during, and after an electromagnetic event.
  3. Ability to accurately measure and respond to load (including transient) conditions before, during, and after an electromagnetic event

Electromagnetic Associates offers assistance in responding to inevitable regulatory requirements that cover electromagnetic resiliency of Critical Infrastructure, particularly the avoidance of adverse regulation, and meeting infrastructure resiliency regulatory objectives


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