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The Four-Step Process of Electromagnetic Resiliency

1.  The first step in creating an Electromagnetically Resilient Environment is to define the Electromagnetic Threats of Concern.

2.  The second step is to define the vulnerability of your systems to these Electromagnetic Threats.

3. The third step is to create an Electromagnetically Resilient environment for vulnerable systems.

4.  The fourth step is to maintain the Electromagnetically Resilient environment over the functional and operational life-cycle of the affected systems.

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Electromagnetic Resiliency Continuum

Component - The Electromagnetic Hardening of individual components or parts that either inherently, or through some other implementation characteristic provide resilience to electromagnetic threats or reduced exploitable electromagnetic signature.

Subsystem - The Electromagnetic Hardening of a collection of components or component sets that make up functional unit.   This may include Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's), Control Systems, sensor systems, power supplies, and other elements that provide inputs, processing, and outputs to portions of a greater system.

System - The Electromagnetic Hardening of multiple inter-related subsystems, such as backup power systems, HVAC systems, Servers, Network equipment, Sensors, firewalls, and other elements that are designed to perform a specific function.

System Network - The Electromagnetic Hardening of "systems of systems" which includes the individual systems, but also interconnection networks, whether geographically dispersed or not.  Examples include Computer networks, Cellular Networks, Satellite networks, Interconnected systems within Data Centers, Power Grids, Transportation Networks (roads, railroads, air traffic systems, pipelines) Civil Infrastructure (water, sewer, gas), SCADA Networks, Security Systems.

Facility - The Electromagnetic Hardening of an entire facility would include all things necessary to ensure that all systems, system networks, subsystems and component parts maintain functionality and capability during an electromagnetic event.  Examples include Data Centers, Command and Control systems, Emergency Operation Centers, Network Operation enters.

Ecosystem - The Electromagnetic Hardening of multiple facilities, or the use of alternate means to accomplish larger capabilities under electromagnetic threat scenarios, such as the use of logistical spares, or alternative invulnerable systems, if possible

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